Book Reviewer Invitation

    So, You Want to Review Books for CIRR?

    Convincing Leopold (Cover)As a reviewer, you will not receive payment. All LGBT genres of romance, including modern, historical, paranormal, mystery, science fiction, and steampunk are acceptable. No Young Adult (YA) books, please. Reviews should include the following information:

    • Book Title
    • Author Name
    • Publisher
    • Publisher Website
    • Publishing Date
    • Genre
    • Pages (print copy only)
    • Cover Image
    • Star Rating (1-5)

    Please provide honest reviews. If you don’t like a book, identify why in a professional manner. Creative Ink Romance Reviews (CIRR) may edit your review for grammatical issues, but not the opinion expressed in the review. You should submit your review to Reviews will post to CIRR within two weeks of submission, unless there are structural problems with the review.

    Reviewers must have excellent writing skills and write interesting, insightful opinions of the books they review, no snarky reviews. Reviewers can’t submit reviews from authors or publishers they have personal or professional relationships with.

    Book authors and publishers may use CIRR reviews in part or entirely so long as they reference the reviewer and CIRR. The rights of all reviews published on Creative Ink Romance Reviews belong to the individual reviewers after the first month their review appears on the website.

    Requested Information

    Please send an email with the following information:

    A list of the sites you currently review for. If you have not published any reviews, please send a sample review from a book you recently read. The sample review should summarize the book and provide your opinion of the overall quality of the book. Review lengths should be between 300 and 450 words.

    What Do You Receive In Exchange For Your Efforts?

    Unlike some review sites, CIRR allows you to include a link to your website on the page where your review appears. You will also receive a reviewer profile page to detail relevant information about you and your reviewing history on the website. You can submit reviews on your own schedule, but you need to submit at least one review every three months to remain active on the website.