About Creative Ink Romance Reviews

    Creative Ink Romance Reviews (CIRR) hosts M/M romance book reviews in a variety of genres, including contemporary, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, paranormal and history. I love books of all sorts, since I am an avid reader, but CIRR only reviews M/M romances.

    Seven Days (Cover)I review novels that I like for the most part. Some negative reviews may appear, but writing is tough work and I value the efforts of all writers. Generally, if I cannot see the value of a book I will not review it. I am certainly open to differing opinions. If you see a review on CIRR that you disagree with, please voice your objections.

    If you would like review books for CIRR, please visit the Reviewer Information page for details on how to participate. You can also DM me at @cirbookreviews with your questions.