Book Review of Remember Me by Lynn Lorenz

    Remember Me (Cover)

    Almost everyone remembers their last summer camp, a time for making special friends and discovering things about yourself. Dr. Chad Wright and Jeff Stone met at summer camp and fell instantly in love. They made promises to each other. Everyone makes promises to keep in touch and not forget. Jeff believed the promises Chad made when they were teens. Unfortunately, the next time they see each other, it’s ten years later and Jeff is unconscious on a gurney in an emergency room with Chad looking down upon him. Remember Me is the story of their second chance.

    Remember Me takes place in post Katrina New Orleans and much of the story evolves at Jeff’s bedside while Chad prays for his recovery. Jeff is in the hospital because of an attack that is so severe it could cost him his life. Lorenz weaves the story of their last summer together through Chad’s memories. The relationship the two young boys had is a sweet one, like most summer loves, but when camp ends so does their contact.

    Remember Me is a brief glimpse into Chad and Jeff’s struggle to come to terms with their past relationship and find a way to trust each other and build a future. The characters are engaging and the images of post Katrina New Orleans add atmosphere. Still, I would have enjoyed more detail in the story. For example, why was Jeff attacked? Did Chad ever talk to his parents about Jeff? Do they even know that Chad is gay? These are a few of the questions that Lorenz leaves unanswered in Remember Me.


    Publisher: Amber Allure
    Image courtesy of Amber Allure