Book Review of With Abandon by J. L. Langley

    With Abandon (Cover)This is the third book in Langley’s successful With or Without werewolf series. The story focuses on the relationship between Matthew Mahikhan and Aubrey Reynolds. Matt is a young werewolf starting college in Georgia. Keaton’s brother, Aubrey agrees to foster him while Matt’s away from home studying criminal justice. To all appearances, Aubrey is the up and coming young scion of the Reynolds hotel company planning to marry his long-time girlfriend Tara Jarrett. Aubrey is also about to take over as alpha for the Atlanta pack.  Both Matt and Aubrey find their lives thrown into chaos when they first meet and discover themselves mates!

    Initially, I was disappointed with the open gay/closeted gay premise of the book, since I tend not to like stories with deceit as a central part of the plot. However, Langley won me over with her characterization of Matt and Aubrey’s relationship. For all Aubrey’s determination to uphold his parents’ plans for him and care for the pack and the company he will inherit, he shares an engaging relationship with Matt. At the same time, Matt, though younger, is capable of holding his own in the face of Aubrey’s werewolf strength and forceful personality. Aubrey is used to making all the rules and he’s determined to stick to his plans. Matt has grown up in a household with eight brothers; he knows how to stand up for what he wants.

    Matt and Aubrey try to work their own relationship out while dealing with the turmoil of disintegrating relationships around them. Marriages fall apart and decades-long commitments end in anger and recrimination. Intrusions from the past force Aubrey and Matt to come to an understanding about their futures.

    This particular chapter in the With or Without series is a great addition to the story. With Abandon is worth 4 stars. Matt and Aubrey are two fun guys worth getting to know better.


    Publisher: Samhain Publishing
    Image courtesy Samhain Publishing