Book Review of Undertow by J.M. Snyder

    Undertow (Book Cover)Undertow tells the story of Derek Meredith and Tad Archer’s life together. Derek is a member of a hidden race of sea-dwelling creatures called merrows. He abandons his life in the ocean to become human and live with his lover, Tad.

    Snyder tells Undertow in flashbacks from Derek’s perspective. Derek spends much of the story in grief over the loss of Tad, the victim of a tragic drowning accident. Derek moves through his days in pain and sorrow. Not much of the story occurs in the present, since the focus is on Derek and Tad’s relationship and the life they shared together. Current action focuses on the interaction between Derek and Kellen and involves anger and a great deal of sexual tension.

    Kellen, a fellow merrow and childhood friend, is the other main character in Undertow. Kellen is bitter and angry over the desertion of Derek, his childhood friend and lover. Kellen meets Derek to let him know that he can bring Tad back to him. He will give Derek the secret to recover Tad, but the knowledge will cost him dearly. Kellen wants to teach his friend a lesson about love and desertion.

    I found the story of sea creatures living beyond the eyesight of humans interesting. Some of the language Snyder uses in Undertow is quite lyrical. Undertow is a dark tale about the cost of not honoring those who love you, even when you can’t love them back. Undertow is worth 3 stars.


    Publisher:  JMS Books LLC
    Image courtesy JMS Books LLC