Book Review of Convincing Leopold by Ava March

    Convincing Leopold (Book Cover)Convincing Leopold is the sequel to Convincing Arthur by Ava March. Convincing Leopold takes up the romance between these two young men after they return to London and the real world. Both men are faced with obstacles to forging a stable and lasting relationship. Arthur Barrington is overworked and Leopold Thornton doesn’t have anything to do now that he reformed from his rakish ways.

    March deals with their jealousies and insecurities as they try to  build a strong bond in a society that punishes homosexuality with death. Leopold cannot trust the  fact that he’s won Arthur’s devotion, while Arthur finds himself floundering under the pressure of all Leopold’s love and attention.

    Both Leopold and Arthur are likable young men and their story is evocative and sometimes poignant. The pathos of Leopold’s fear of losing Arthur and Arthur’s fear that Leopold will grow bored with him are genuine. March has created a story that is both passionate and fun. The sex scenes are sometimes risque, sometimes tender.

    To fully appreciate Convincing Leopold, you need to read Convincing Arthur, but each story can and does stand on its  own. Convincing Leopold is worth 3.5 stars.


    Originally published on Blackraven Reviews
    Publisher: Loose Id
    Image courtesy of Loose Id