Book Review of Clear Water by Amy Lane

    Clear Water (Book Cover)Clear Water by Amy Lane is a gem of a novel about a budding relationship between Wesley “Whiskey” Keenan, a field biologist and Patrick Cleary, a young wannbe yoga instructor with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

    Patrick and Whiskey come together at a crucial point in Patrick’s life. Whiskey takes the center stage and helps Patrick to gain direction. The growing romance between Whiskey and Patrick is full of passion, energy, and snark. Watching these two characters interact with each and Freya “Fly Bait” Bitner, their fellow shipmate, as they try to avoid sex and chronicle the lives of a group of anomalous frogs is entertaining, to say the least.

    Lane introduces environmental issues such as water pollution and frogs with two heads and extra limbs into Clear Water with a light touch and a bit of humor. Two-headed frog Catherine and Cal serve as a comedic/tragic symbol of the local watershed and the risks of chemical pollution. At the same time Lane is expressing environmental concerns in Clear Water, she handles the issue of Patrick’s ADD with sensitivity and honesty.

    Lane demands that you pay attention to her characters, which are always powerful and passionate. Clear Water is another 5 star novel by Lane. From the first page, the novel is full of drama and action. The pacing is break-neck and the story is one that’s hard to put down. Watching Whiskey and Patrick build a life for themselves is a delicious treat. This is definitely a keeper!


    Originally reviewed for Queer Magazine Online
    Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
    Image courtesy of Dreamspinner Press