Book Review of Learning To Walk by Drew Zachary

    Learning to Walk (Book Cover)Learning to Walk is part of Drew Zachary’s City Hospital series. The focus of this tale is physical therapist, Neil Kirkpatrick and his new patient, Kit Matheson. Kit is recovering from a life altering motorcycle accident and has to learn to walk all over again. Kit is angry and in pain, but Neil can see past the hurt to the strong, young man beneath.

    Neil is immediately attracted, but he’s also aware that he must maintain a professional relationship with Kit to insure that Kit receives the best treatment. Kit, on the other hand, has no qualms about acting on his attraction. Zachary handles the sexual tension between these two with much skill as they move through some harrowing rehabilitation work. Kit and Neil are both interesting characters. Kit is insecure and lonely because of his physical disabilities but determine to maintain his independence, while Neil is unsure of himself with Kit and trying to keep his distance because of their professional relationship.

    Learning to Walk spends significant time focused on Kit’s physical limitations. The story does not gloss over his pain or his struggle while he fights to recover control of his body. Zachary paints a realistic picture of rehabilitation from a traumatic injury, at the same time not becoming too clinical. Zachary also addresses some of the physical challenges of coping with disability in daily life.

    Learning to Walk is definitely worth a read. Kit and Neil are entertaining characters and the story has a few unexpected twists.


    Publisher: Torquere Press
    Image courtesy of Torquere Press