Book Review of Solitary: A Hammer Novel by Sean Michael

    Solitary: Hammer Novel (Book Cover)Solitary: A Hammer Novel by Sean Michael is part of the long-running Hammer BDSM series; it’s a sweet novel. The main characters Greg and Ap are immediately sympathetic and engaging. Solitary deals with the development of Ap and Greg’s relationship as Dom and sub.

    Greg comes to Ap with some serious emotional baggage. A fractured and beaten-down spirit leaves him unable to keep a Dom for more than a couple of weeks; Greg is very high maintenance, demanding a great deal of attention. Ap, on the other hand, is a self-sufficient individual comfortable with his solitary existence out in the middle of the wilds of Northern Canada.

    Michael brings these two disparate characters together with warmth and depth. Greg’s fragility is clear, but so is Ap’s strength. Both characters are well-dawn with distinct features and flaws. Michael focuses more on control aspect of the BDSM life-style in revealing Ap and Greg’s story.

    Oliver and Jack, owners of the Hammer Club, make brief appearances in Solitary to move the story along at strategic points as Greg and Ap get to know each other on Ap’s tree farm. Greg learns to deal with the loss of his former Dom, Tim and he develops new strength under Ap peace-giving touch.

    The Hammer Club series is a great collection of stories and Solitary is a fine addition. Ap and Greg’s story is worth 4 stars for the skill of writing and the passion of the characters.


    Originally reviewed for Blackravens Reviews
    Publisher: Torquere Press
    Image courtesy of Torquere Press