Book Review of Too Hot to Handle by L.C. Dean

    Too Hot to Handle (Cover)Too Hot to Handle is a short story, less than 30 pages, by L.C. Dean about two young friends who find themselves spending time alone together during a very hot spell in Texas. Tuck is gay, while Jase is not sure. The story focuses on one afternoon and evening when their relationship could change for better or worse.

    Dean turns out a passionate and steamy interlude with plenty of drama. Jase is the brawn, while Tuck is the nerdy geek. The two characters are well-matched and clearly care about each other. This is a couple of guys you wouldn’t mind getting to know better. The build up to the story conclusion is not without surprises and not rushed.

    Too Hot to Handle is well-written with attention to detail. It would be nice to see what, if anything, develops between Jase and Tuck in the future. Too Hot to Handle is short, worthy of 4 stars. Some short stories end up shortchanging the plot or the character development. Too Hot to Handle does neither; it’s an entertaining and fun read.





    Reviewed for Blackravens Reviews
    Publisher: Decadent Publishing
    Image courtesy of Decadent Publishing