Book Review of John’s Match by Viki Lyn

    John's Match (Cover)

    John’s Match is book three in Viki Lyn’s Woodland Village trilogy. The novel focuses on the romance between John Kramer and Scott Marwick. Two guys who could not be more different from each other. John is the money man for a small, but rising gaming company, while Scott is a writer with a popular fantasy novel series.

    John and Scott meet in the worst possible manner over the inebriated body of Scott’s son, Rob. Sparks and accusations fly immediately. Scott thinks John is taking advantage of his young son, while John is certain he wants nothing to do with his jerk of a neighbor. The drama is off to a good start from that point. Lyn writes some entertaining scenes between these two different but attractive men.

    John and Scott are both strong men with clear ideals and opinions. There’s chemistry between them and some real passion and warmth. Both men have some emotional baggage from their past that they need to put behind them to have a future together. They each try to deal with their problems in an honest way that made them endearing.

    Reading John’s Match made me curious to read the two previous books in the series. I’d like to know more about the other gay couples in John’s Match — Ryan Adams and Martin Pierson, as well as Drew Adams and Skye Taylor. I’m definitely going to check out the other books in the series.


    Reviewed originally for Blackravens’ Reviews
    Publisher: Musa Publishing
    Image courtesy of Musa Publishing