Book Review of Gregory’s Rebellion by Lavinia Lewis

    Gregory's Rebellion (Cover)Gregory’s Rebellion is part of Lavinia Lewis’ Shifter Haven series about a group of shifters living on the Crazy Horse cattle ranch outside of Wolf Creek.  Gregory, a member of the supernatural council, finds himself sent on a mission to Las Vegas to retrieve Hayden, a young panther shifter living in isolation from his family and the rest of the shifter community.

    While you can read this romance alone, background from previous stories in the series supply useful details regarding several of the plot motivations. The story deals primarily with the relationship between Gregory and Hayden and solving the mystery of why Hayden doesn’t recognize his connection to Gregory.

    Both Gregory and Hayden are likable characters and their story is a good one. However, supernatural council in-fighting occasionally sidetracks the budding relationship between these two cat shifters. Gregory spends much of his time trying to figure out who’s behind the supernatural council mate murders, while Hayden is trying to fit into to his new life in Wolf Creek. The two are in for a bumpy ride, which Lewis handles with an entertaining hand.

    The writing in Gregory’s Rebellion is spare and light; the book is an easy read. The sex scenes have heat and energy. There are some spicy exchanges between Gregory and Hayden, as well as some bedroom appearances by characters from other stories in the series.

    Gregory’s Rebellion gets 3.5 stars mainly because of a lack of detail regarding Wolf Creek and its citizenry. How did all of these shifters come to be living in the wilds of Wolf Creek? And what about the supernatural council? How do they seem to know what’s going on in the entire shifter community, including a lone panther in Las Vegas? Despite these questions, I enjoyed Gregory’s Rebellion.


    Reviewed for Blackraven’s Reviews
    Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
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