Book Review of Wolf Moon by Vic Winter

    Wolf Moon by Vic Winter is an unusual shifter novella about Adam, a young man on the verge of adulthood and approaching his very first full-moon shift. Wolf Moon is a tale about the search for family and belonging. Wolf Moon (Cover)Winter’s main character Adam is a lonely young man who desperately wants to belong to the wolf pack he’s adopted.

    Adam is sure he’s on the way to becoming part of a strong wolf pack until his very first shift. Shortly thereafter, Adam finds his life turned upside down when he shifts into an animal that is definitely not a wolf. The romance of Wolf Moon develops from two new people who enter Adam’s life on the night of his first shift and the discovery of his shifter animal. Ranger Chuck and Tam, an eagle shifter enter Adam’s life in a pivotal moment and change its course.

    Winter’s characters in Wolf Moon are interesting and clearly drawn. Adam evokes considerable sympathy in his search for friends and a family with whom he can belong. Chuck and Tam maybe what he’s looking for if he can learn to accept himself.

    Wolf Moon’s main characters Adam, Chuck and Tam have a strong sexual attraction uniting them and the sex scenes are spicy, but the real focus of this novella is the unity of family and friends. Chuck and Tam offer physical as well as emotional shelter to Adam. I liked this short novel and the vulnerability of Adam, as well as the unusual shifter behaviors and physiology.



    Reviewed for Blackraven Reviews
    Publisher Torquere Press
    Image courtesy Torquere Press