Book Review of A Present for Daddy by JM Snyder

    A Present for Daddy (Book Cover)Reviewed for Rainbow Book Reviews
    Publisher: JMS Books
    Image courtesy of JMS Books
    Genre: GLBT, Erotic Contemporary, M/M


    A Present for Daddy is a sweet little story by JM Snyder about finding new beginning in old places and old relationships. Bob Jansen comes home with his seven year old daughter, Jenna to try and start his life over, six months after his wife, Julia leaves him. He’s living with his parents and planning for Jenna’s first Christmas without her mother.

    While out shopping for presents Bob stumbles upon his old friend, Dave Knarr. There’s an old history between Bob and Dave; one of growing up safe and secure in a small town. There’s also a history that Bob is unaware of– Dave is gay and for years he’s been in love with Bob.

    Snyder uses the magic of Christmas to reconnect these two men in a new and romantic way. Both Bob and Dave are great characters and Jenna is a little charmer. A Present for Daddy shows what can happen when you open your mind to new and different possibilities. It’s not hard to like this short, heart-warming story.

    I like the way Snyder handles Bob’s recognition of his budding attraction to Dave, as well as the fact that although A Present for Daddy is a short novel, they don’t rush into bed with each other. From the first tentative kiss from Dave to the moment they realize the depth of their feelings, A Present for Daddy is a fun read.