Book Review of Justice’s Little Nibbler by Stephani Hecht

    Justice Little Nibbler (Book Cover)Reviewed for Blackravens Reviews
    Series: Wayne County Wolves #4
    Publisher: eXtasy Books
    Image courtesy of eXtasy Books
    Genre: GLBT, Paranormal, M/M
    Length: 116 pages


    Justice’s Little Nibbler is the fourth story in the Wayne County Wolves series, a gay shifter tale by Stephani Hecht. This is not a standalone novel; to get the full effect of the story readers should be familiar with previous books in the series. Hecht is a good writer, so the characters in Justice’s Little Nibbler are interesting and entertaining with clear voices and characteristics.

    Justice, one of the main characters in this episode, is a strong tiger shifter who works to protect the motley new pack he and his siblings are now a part of. Tyson, on the other hand, is a young wolf shifter with serious hots for Justice.

    Unfortunately, for Tyson, Justice’s chief feeling about the young wolf is that he’s an annoyance. The focus of Justice’s Little Nibbler is primarily Justice’s change in opinion. When external forces confront the shifter pack, circumstances force Justice to see Tyson in a new light. They come together amidst violence and war and the chemistry between Justice and Tyson is fiery.

    This particular novel does not progress the story of the Wayne County Wolves much, since the focus is the relationship between Justice and Tyson. The pack is still at risk at the end of the tale and serious questions about Justice and his siblings remain unanswered.

    Justice’s Little Nibbler raises lots of questions, unfortunately it does not answer very many. Also, without background from earlier books in the series, immersion in the romance between Justice and Tyson is difficult. Like many shifter novels, Justice’s Little Nibbler relies on the “mate bond” to bring together couples. The immediate sexual attraction this relationship promotes leaves little opportunity to actually build relationships.

    I liked Justice’s Little Nibbler, so I’m going to pick up the earlier books from the series. Hecht is a fine writer and her stories are always entertaining. This one gets 3 stars, since I’m looking forward to the next episode.