Book Review of Reining Him In by Jena Wade

    Reining Him In (Book Cover)

    Reviewed for Blackravens Reviews
    Publisher: Loose-id Publishing
    Image courtesy of Loose-id Publishing
    Genre: GLBT, Erotic Contemporary, M/M
    Length: 96 pages



    Perry Jameson begins his new job as a ranch manager at the Wright Stables with the goal of returning the place to its original glory. He throws all of his effort into building a home and establishing a career. Being seduced by the ranch owner’s grandson could throw a serious wrench in the works.

    Cory Matthews is a world champion in horse reining. Well known for his arrogance and talent, he can train any horse to win, and he knows he’s turned the sexy older hunk’s head, but he can’t seem to get Perry come around.

    The two men butt heads on more than one occasion, the way two stubborn, proud studs will do. Maybe looking past their differences to work together will give them a new perspective on each other. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help Cory rein Perry in.


    Reining Him In by Jena Wade is an easy, lighthearted read. Perry Jameson, the new manager at Wright Stables arrives at the ranch determined not to repeat the fiasco at his last ranch job. Perry has a new rule: no mixing business with pleasure. He is not going to get involved with Cory Matthews, his boss’ grandson. Cory, on the other hand, wins at almost everything he attempts, so the challenge of reining in Perry is a job he wants to take on almost immediately.

    There are no real antagonists in this short story. The tension of the book focuses squarely on the two main characters, Perry, Cory, and their involvement with each other. While Perry tries to maintain the high ground and keep his distance from the boss’ grandson, Cory spends his time plotting to win him over. The plot never strays far from its focus on their relationship.

    Reining Him In never really heats up and the plot device that temporarily breaks up Perry and Cory appears somewhat contrived. Still, the main characters are likeable; I mean what’s not to like about a pair of handsome, sexy cowboys. The details about the ranch and rodeo competitions add spice to the story. When Perry sneaks in at the last moment to watch Cory compete in the Finals, Wade made me feel like I was watching Cory ride to win.

    Unfortunately, Reining Him In is a little lackluster. The book seems like the opening chapters of a more developed story, since there are some obvious details missing. Wade is a new author for me. I’m going to seek out one of her other books to get a better feel for her skill as a storyteller. Reining Him In is worth 3 stars; it’s a good read, but not great.