Book Review of Devotion by Blak Rayne

    Devotion (Cover)Devotion is an ambitious story trying to be too many things at once. Initially it’s a story about a group of soldiers working and living in the headquarters, or post of some military organization. Devotion introduces several characters who are at the center of the story: Slade Igerman and his friend Reeve Taylor, as well as Stein and Laird, Zack, Sylvana, and a few others that serve as little more than walk-ons.

    In addition to the nebulous military conflict, Devotion attempts to be a romance story. Rayne develops an interesting relationship between Slade and Reeve. This is the best part of the story; watching the growing relationship between the shy and socially-reticent Slade and the more dominant Reeve reveals some nice dynamics. It would have been good to keep the focus on the two of them. Instead, Devotion separates the two new lovers and introduces Stein, a villain if ever there was one.

    Stein puts himself in between Slade and Reeve when a military operation sends Reeve away from Slade. Stein then proceeds to spend the next months torturing Slade. The story works to this point, but when Reeve returns it goes off the tracks. Having Slade and Reeve forgive Stein, turns Devotion entirely on its head. After what happens between these three men, they could never trust each other in a joint military operation. And then to shift the story to the beginnings of a family drama once the so-called war is over makes no sense.

    Some of the characters in Devotion are likable, but the story lacks focus and back-story. There never is any explanation of why the war operations are going on. Or how a military trainer and combat leader let himself be terrorized by one of his subordinates. Devotion gets 2 stars because the writing is good, unfortunately the plotting needs some serious work.


    Review originally appeared on Rainbow Reviews
    Publisher: eXtasy Books
    Image courtesy eXtasy Books