Book Review of Get What You Need by Janey Chapel

    Get What You Need (Cover)Get What You Need opens on a Thursday night at Bryan’s Bar. Things are looking routine until Jay Hinshaw looks up from behind the bar and sees Patrick Graves standing in the open door. Jay like every former convict working in Bryan’s immediately recognizes Patrick for what he is-a cop! Patrick scopes out the bar and knows right away what interest him-Jay.

    Patrick watches Jay, while Jay watches a rough and tumble bunch of tourists from the Atlanta Underground in the mood to cause some trouble. As the night proceeds the sizzle between Jay and Patrick builds. The two discuss Patrick’s involvement in a major Atlanta crime case while trading scorching glances and occasionally casting an eye toward the increasing raucous tourists.

    Get What You Need reveals the opening scenes in what may develop into a very passionate relationship between two individuals who met under less than perfect circumstances, but are open to sharing a future. Janey Chapel’s characters have personalities that encourage you to get to know them. Get What You Need has some hot scenes and two guys that made me eager to hear the rest of their stories. It’s definitely worth 4.5 stars.


    Review originally appeared on Rainbow Reviews
    Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
    Image courtesy Dreamspinner Press