Book Review of High Flow by Stephani Hecht

    High Flow (Cover)

    High Flow is the bittersweet story of Forrest and Patrick. Forrest is a paramedic and Patrick is a physician. The two young men meet during an emergency call at the hospital where Patrick works. Patrick is immediately smitten, but Forrest is hiding a very dark secret, and is afraid to let anyone get near him.

    Both men are new to Pontiac, Michigan and almost from the start co-workers and friends are conspiring to get them together. Forrest is working very hard to care for his ailing father and his 16-year-old brother, Todd, while avoiding scenes with his drugged-out older sister, Deb and her very rowdy friends.

    Forrest is working hard, but he’s hiding too, so trying to build any sort of relationship with Patrick is going to be tough. His close friends, Kaleb and Dylan are eager to see him start something new. While Patrick’s co-worker, Margo is doing everything she can to get the two of them together.

    Hecht handles the budding relationship between Patrick and Forrest with much skill. Some of the scenes in the novel simmer with emotion. The passion between Patrick and Forrest starts out tentative, but very quickly becomes something they may be able to build a future upon, if they can trust each other. High Flow is worth 4 stars. It’s a very fine read. This story deserves a follow-up to answer some questions left unanswered and to explore further the growing relationship between Patrick and Forrest.


    Publisher: eXtasy Books
    Image courtesy eXtasy Books