Book Review of Shifting Perspectives by Nerine Petros

    Shifting Perspectives (Cover)Shifting Perspectives is the first salvo in a tale of shape-shifters living in a small rural town. Oliver runs the local butcher shop where all the local werewolves shop for fresh meat. Angus is the alpha in a pack of Australian were-dingoes who move into werewolf pack territory after banishment from their homeland for being gay. Oliver, being the only gay in town, is immediately intrigued with the possibilities.

    Nerine Petros wastes no time getting Angus and Oliver together in Shifting Perspectives. Angus immediately recognizes Oliver as his mate, and while Oliver is definitely attracted to the very handsome and virile weredingo, the whole mating thing bewilders him. After all, he is human. Oliver finds himself in one confrontation after another with his mate, Angus. If Angus is not catching Oliver against a tree for a hard grind, he’s tossing Oliver over his shoulder and carrying him off to bed. Meanwhile, Oliver determines to maintain his independence and continue running his butcher shop, much to the chagrin of Angus. Oliver considers himself resilient, having grown up gay in a small town populated mainly by werewolves, but even he’s not prepared for the side effects of weredingo mating.

    The couple begins their relationship against a backdrop werewolf politics and a budding relationship between Oliver’s best friend Jacey and two of Angus’ pack members Fynn and Aden. While Jacey, Fynn and Aden exchange angry and irritated glances, Oliver and Angus are humping each other against any convenient surface. Shifting Perspectives gives a peek into a world populated by shape-shifters with their own cultural issues and interpersonal conflicts. The next installment of Petros’ series promises to be a whole lot of fun.


    Review originally appeared on Rainbow Reviews
    Publisher: Torquere Press
    Image courtesy Torquere Press