Book Review of Revenge is a Dish by Stevie Woods

    Revenge is a Dish (Cover)Revenge is a Dish is fast-paced; the entire story takes place in four days. Kent Tyler and Neil Carson both work for Winton Enterprises and have known each other for several years. They both secretly love each. During four harrowing days, they find themselves captured and trapped in a small cell for unknown reasons by a man only known as Wolf. The novel spends most of its time revealing the motivations behind the kidnapping; as the name suggests–its revenge.

    The romance is strictly secondary. If you are looking for steamy, hot glances or desperate clenches in tight corners, you’re not going to find them in Revenge is a Dish. To be fair, no one’s going to be in a very sexy mood while held captive by men fully capable of violence. The focus of the novel is the two protagonists and they rarely move off the stage. Kent and Neil spend some of their time on the back-story, particularly the death of Neil’s brother, at other times they are planning how they’re going to escape from their prison.

    Revenge is a Dish gets 3 stars because Stevie Woods writes well and the pacing is good. It’s not a romance novel though, and it’s sketchy on some details. The novel pays little attention to forging a relationship, or exploring the couple’s sexual likes and dislikes. There’s only one sex scene in the entire story. The novel leaves you feeling like you’re reading an unfinished, but good adventure, especially since two of the main villains just disappear off the stage.


    Review originally appeared on Rainbow Review
    Publisher: Torquere Press
    Image courtesy Torquere Press