Book Review of Loving Lydia by Berengaria Brown

    Loving Lydia (Cover)Loving Lydia tells the tale of an afternoon interlude between two smart, sexy women, Tammy and Lydia. Tammy wants Lydia desperately. She finally works up the nerve and stops into Lydia’s gym hoping to get a chance with her dream girl. Brown’s short-short is quick and to the point.

    The story quickly moves from gym to a coffee shop where the two women spend some time trying to figure out just what the other wants. Again, Brown is straight-forward. Once at the coffee shop, after some brief questioning from Tammy, Lydia makes it very clear what her sexual preference is.

    Lydia decides she’s ready for something more in her life than corporate leadership and embarks on an afternoon encounter with Tammy that could turn into something more. Loving Lydia gets 3 stars for the clarity and sensuousness of the writing. You can almost smell the crisp tang of apples when Tammy waxes poetic over Lydia’s hair. The only disappointment was the brevity of the story.


    Review originally appeared on Rainbow Reviews
    Publisher: Breathless Press
    Image courtesy Breathless Press