Book Review of Taste by Mickie B. Ashling

    Taste (Cover)Architect, Lil Lampert is in Chicago with his best friends, married gay couple, Jody Williams and Clark Stevens, enjoying the annual Taste of Chicago when he meets bad-boy biker, Grier Dilorio. There’s an immediate and hot spark of attraction between the two men. Lil is eager to pursue the attraction despite warnings from his friends that Grier is too young and looks rough.

    Grier’s attracted too, but he has secrets he’s keeping — a special sexual kink and a young son, Luca that he has to deny. Grier’s rough exterior is mostly show. All those colorful tattoos and black leather serve as protection. Grier has deep, abiding feelings for his son. He’s arranged his entire life around spending time with Luca. Lil being an architect is fascinating to Grier, since he wants to be an interior designer.

    Ashling’s characters in Taste are complex men, each with their own idiosyncrasies. Lil is in Chicago on vacation, but he and Grier manage to develop strong emotions for each other. Watching Lil and Grier interact with each other and Luca made for an engaging read. This is a fun book to read and the sexual interaction is hot and spicy. Taste is definitely worth 4 stars.


    Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
    Image courtesy Dreamspinner Press