Book Review of All Stirred Up by Z.A. Maxfield

    All Stirred Up (Cover)All Stirred Up is the follow-up to Z.A. Maxfield’s successful Stirring Up Trouble. It tells the story of Evan’s brother, Brendan Blankenship and his soon to be ex-therapist, Dr. Dirk Melovitch. While visiting, Brendan and his mother witness a terrible tragedy that brings his carefully ordered life to a screeching halt. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder takes over Brendan’s life. Sudden noises and certain smells send him into panic attacks so severe that his board of directors compel him to visit an upscale rehab facility in the company of a new psychiatrist they’ve hired.

    When Brendan and Dirk first lay eyes upon each other, the attraction is immediate and mutual, but the animosity is just as strong. Brendan thinks he’s alright, while Dirk is certain he’s dealing with a spoiled rich guy. All Stirred Up chronicles their rocky trip from New York to California by way of Texas. There’s one mishap after another in this madcap adventure. There are some surprising developments as Brendan and Dirk take a road trip across the country. The most surprising is their attraction to each other. Brendan is somewhat reserved, particularly given his recent experiences, while Dirk is open and demonstrative.

    Dirk steps forward to rescue Brendan in tight situations involving police stations, airplanes and full-blown panic attacks. As these two move towards their destination, they draw closer and closer together despite the many obstacles to their relationship. Maxfield has another winner in All Stirred Up. It was a lot of fun learning about Brendan and Dirk.


    Review originally appeared on Blackravens Reviews
    Publisher: MLR Press
    Image courtesy of MLR Press