Book Review of Born to Please by G.A. Hauser

    Born to Please (Cover)Cary ‘Colt’ St John is at the top of his game. He’s working for a high-profile Los Angeles law firm and acting out his sexual proclivities at night as a Dom at an elite BDSM club. Everyone wants his particular attentions, from courtroom judges to high finance bankers. However, Colt is bored. None of the Subs he meets in the club appeal to anymore. Colt is looking for new games and “fresh meat”.

    Ashton Lake is a shy young man trying to keep his job as the night janitor in the high-rise law office where Colt works. Ashton is looking to stay out of trouble and keep off smack. He’s been sober for two hard years, living as he does in the midst of the ongoing drug traffic in his neighborhood. Meeting Colt on his late night office cleaning tour is not what he’s looking for; on the other hand, Colt couldn’t be happier.

    What starts out as casual on Colt’s part soon becomes very serious in G.A. Hauser’s Born to Please. Ashton is a born submissive and his trouble with drugs and past relationships with girls has not given him much confidence. Colt has full confidence in his professional abilities, both as a lawyer and a Dom, but he’s never had a real relationship with a lover. Hauser’s Born to Please explores the D/s relationship beyond the sexual aspect. Hauser reveals two characters damaged by their past, but willing to trust each other. Ashton’s vulnerability and submissiveness are clear in every scene he shares with Colt, but what surprises Colt is Ashton’s strength and his ability to overcome Colt when necessary. I liked this story. I’d like to hear from Colt and Ash again.


    Publisher: The GA Hauser Collection
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