Book Review of Allspice: Recipe for Love by Sean Michael

    All Spice: Recipe for Love (Book Cover)Allspice: Recipe for Love is the charming little tale of Daniel, a pastry baker and Jack, a computer programmer with a very pregnant young daughter, Rachel. It seems that Rachel got pregnant by Daniel’s young nephew, Billy during her last summer vacation with her divorced father, Jack.

    Sean Michael’s is a fine writer and tells the tale of Jack and Dan with skill and humor and passion. Some of the scenes sizzle, while others leave you smiling, such as when Rachel shows up at Jack’s door at 3:00 o’clock in the morning with news of her impending motherhood.

    While Rachel and Billy work out what they’re going to do about becoming new parents, Daniel and Jack find themselves dealing with some serious sexual and emotional chemistry. The only fault I found with Allspice: Recipe for Love is that it ended too soon. This is definitely 4.5 stars; hopefully a sequel is in the works.


    Publisher: Torquere Press
    Image courtesy Torquere Press