Book Review of Little Jamie: A Hammer Story by Sean Michael

    Little Jamie (Book Cover)Little Jamie is a short story that is part of Sean Michael’s successful BDSM Hammer Club series. It chronicles the developing relationship between James “Little Jamie” Gerber, a waiter at the private club and Davis, a member and a Master, or Dom. The two are immediately attracted to each other and the short story builds around Jamie getting acquainted with the demands of being a Sub.

    Little Jamie is a sweet tale and a nice addition to the Hammer Club collection. The story is an introduction to the BDSM lifestyle with suggestions and hints of what it involves, but the story itself skirts around the hardcore aspects of bondage. Jamie and Davis make a cute couple as they dance the dance of forming a new relationship. Michael’s Subs tend to have a core of strength and Jamie is no exception. It’s clear from the outset that he is thinking and that Master Davis is not in total charge.

    Unlike some recent short stories that are opening chapters in longer novels, Little Jamie is complete in itself. The Hammer Club and its owners provide background for the story. Little Jamie is worth the 4 stars for the light approach and completeness of the tale. Although at some points it’s a little too sweet; Little Jamie is still a lovely story.


    Review originally appears on Blackraven’s Reviews
    Publisher: Torquere Press
    Image courtesy of Torquere Press