Book Review of Working It Out by Sara York

    Working it Out by Sara York is an internally focused novel revealing much of the story in the thoughts of the main characters, Jake Grant and Lance Abbott. Personal trainer and gym owner, Jake is not looking to get involved with anyone new after the death of his lover and partner. While Lance is in the closet and not sure, he ever plans to come out. He’s seen what happens when people find out you’re gay.

    York’s focus in Working it Out is strictly on the emotional landscape of Jake and Lance’s lives and relationship. There’s not a lot of overt action. There’s heat between Lance and Jake, some tight clenches and hip grinding, but York brings home some of the angst of being gay and out in a world that does not easily accept difference in any form. Jake’s doubts and Lance’s doubts about forming an enduring relationship fill the novel.

    They doubt themselves and they doubt each other. Meanwhile, their world is falling apart around them. Working it Out is a dark tale full of shadows and fears. This is not a fun read, but it will make you think and for that, it’s worth 3 stars.


    Review originally appeared on Blackraven’s Reviews
    Publisher: Total E-Bound
    Image courtesy of Total E-Bound