Book Review of A-Hunting We Will Go by Kate Roman

    A Hunting We Will Go (Book Cover)A-Hunting We Will Go by Kate Roman is a Torquere Press Sip short story set in what appears to be 19th century England. A-Hunting We Will Go relates the story of nobleman Philip Huntingdon and Fergus, a young groom on his family’s estate.

    Kate Roman weaves a tale of dissolution among the nobility and the courage of two young men determined to develop a life for themselves. The plot line focuses on the events surrounding a foxhunting accident and how Philip and his guardian, Sir John deal with the situation. There are some passionate sexual exchanges between Philip and Fergus, as well as some violent confrontations between Philip and his guardian.

    Roman resolves the problem of Sir John’s dissolution and Philip’s sexuality in an interesting and unusual way. This is a nice little Sip of 28 pages that is worthy of 3.5 stars due the caliber of Roman’s writing. Her stories are always enjoyable.


    Reviewed originally appears on Blackraven’s Reviews
    Publisher: Torquere Press
    Image courtesy of Torquere Press