Book Review of Sunset Ridge by Carol Lynne

    Sunset Ridge (Book Cover)Sunset Ridge by Carol Lynne is a fine tale about two lonely cowboys, Gray Connor and Jack “Ram” Ramsdale living and working in Wellington, Arkansas. Gray owns a successful horse breeding ranch and Ram hires on as the new manager. The attraction between these two strong men throws off sparks immediately.

    The dilemma of their attraction arises out of the insular culture they’re living in and Gray’s reluctance to reveal his sexuality and risk the success of his ranch. Lynne populates Sunset Ridge with some interesting characters, including young Raleigh, Gray’s rebellious teenage niece, Jesse Franks, a new ranch hand with problems of his own, and Ben Moore, the new veterinarian.

    Sunset Ridge paints a colorful picture of life in a small western town and what can happen when two men face their attraction to each other and act upon it. The sexual tension is fiery between Gray and Ram. There are a number of sweaty clenches and burning kisses shared between Gray and Ram as they figure out how to have an open and honest relationship for the first time in their lives.

    The question of revealing their sexuality underpins the entire plot of Sunset Ridge. How many people Gray’s known all of his life will desert him once they find out he’s gay? How many of his clients will take their business elsewhere once they know? Sunset Ridge is an entertaining tale about cowboys and horses and romance worth 4 stars.


    Review originally appeared on Blackraven’s Reviews
    Publisher: Total-E-Bound
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