Book Review of Nanny Dearest by Shawn Bailey

    Nanny Dearest (Book Cover)

    Hunter Monroe is a harried businessman with a rambunctious one-year-old son, Chase to rear in Nanny Dearest by Shawn Bailey. His live-in nanny has left to get married and he’s desperate to find a reliable replacement. As luck would have it Terrence Rayburn is in need of employment and loves children.

    Hunter and Terry warm up to each other immediately and it doesn’t hurt that Chase loves Terry at first glance. Nanny Dearest is a sweet tale about making a home and family. Hunter and Terry are two likable characters in a story that is engaging and fun. Bailey writes a clever tale. Nanny Dearest has some plot complications that make for a good entertaining read.

    There are some passion-charged clenches, but mainly this is a story about family and finding resolutions to family problems. Bailey’s Nanny Dearest has all the ingredients for a good afternoon read. The only thing that would’ve made this story better would be making it longer. The development of the romance between Hunter and Terry is slightly rushed. Nevertheless, Nanny Dearest is a fun read and Hunter, Terry and Chase are adorable.


    Publisher: Silver Publishing
    Image courtesy of Silver Publishing