Book Review of Cinder by Marie Sexton

    A Retelling of a Fairy Tale Romance…

    Cinder (Book Cover)Cinder by Marie Sexton recounts a childhood fairy tale with a twist. Eldon Cinder has the role of the harried young Cinderella, while Xavier is the Prince desperately in search of a bride. The two young men find themselves caught in a dilemma: the Prince must marry or become a pauper.

    How Sexton works out the challenges of this story that everyone knows is entertaining. The story has all the elements expected in a Cinderella tale, namely a stepmother and stepsisters, witchery and magic, as well as new elements to make the story fresh.

    There’s no sex between Eldon and Xavier, but there is chemistry and a great hulking dog named Milton. Cinder is a fresh look at an old tale handled with much skill and romance. It’s worthy of 4 stars for its creativity and sweetness. Cinder is a real charmer.


    Reviewed for Blackraven’s Reviews
    Publisher: Silver Publishing
    Image courtesy of Silver Publishing