Book Review of Feral Lust by Mia Watts

    Feral Lust (Book Cover)

    Feral Lust by Mia Watts is a historical gay romance with paranormal twist. Main character Viscount Lord Atherton is a lonely werewolf hiding out on his reclusive country estate. He needs to get married and produce an heir to end his life of pain and change every full moon. Being unsure of his social skills, Atherton hires Michael Hastings, the third son of an earl to coach him in the niceties of high society etiquette.

    The chemistry between the two men is interesting. There’s passion, but there’s uncertainty. Atherton plans to fulfill his goal of marriage, despite his attraction to Hastings, while Hastings is not sure what to make of the secretive Atherton.

    Watts develops a passionate romance between Atherton and Hastings and the exchanges between the two of them are colorful. Feral Lust has some week points, namely, the werewolf aspect of the story.

    Watts short changes the reader regarding the nature of Atherton’s “curse”. Wolves are not solitary creatures, but Atherton appears totally isolated. How is that he’s the only remaining member of his family? An estate the size of Atheron’s takes a sizable staff to run. Where is everyone? How did his family come to be under the “curse”? Feral Lust misses several opportunities to develop a more interesting and entertaining story, particularly the werewolf aspect. The sex scenes with the bondage flavoring are fine, but Feral Lust seems like it’s an opening shot at a story that could be very fine.

    Unfortunately, Feral Lust appears peopled only by Atherton, Hastings, and Mr. Leedy, the solicitor. Feral Lust is a nice read worth 2.75 stars, but it needs work.


    Review originally appeared on Two Lips Reviews
    Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
    Image courtesy of Resplendence Publishing