Book Review of The Gallows Tree by RJ Scott

    Gallows Tree (Book Cover)

    The Gallows Tree by RJ Scott is a tale of recovering from abusive physical and emotional trauma. Cody is running from an extremely abusive lover and he’s been running for the past six years. Coming to England to restore Mill Cottage is just an opportunity to get farther away from his pain.

    When Cody meets Sebastian Toulson-Brown, the youngest brother of his contractor all his plans go awry. He and Sebastian finds themselves embarked on discovering just what happened to two hapless young lovers lost centuries ago. During the process of finding the truth and settling old hurts, Cody and Seb develop a passionate, but gentle and tender relationship.

    Some of Scott’s scenes in The Gallows Tree are touching while others are heart-breaking in their pain and pathos. Scott’s descriptions of the environs of Mill Cottage are very real. You can almost hear the sounds of crunching fresh powder snow as Cody and Seb trudge across the fields. Likewise, the intimate moments shared by Cody and Seb are sweet in the care they take of each other’s feelings.

    The Gallows Tree is a story about finding the strength and courage to stop running and facing your fears. It’s worth 4 stars for the quality of the writing. It’s a sweet tale of love.


    Review originally appears on Blackraven’s Reviews
    Publisher Silver Publishing
    Image courtesy of Silver Publishing