Book Review of Brook Street Fortune Hunter by Ava March

    Brook Street Fortune Hunter (Cover)Brook Street Fortune Hunter by Ava March is the story of Oscar Woodhaven and Julian Parker, two young English gentlemen of the Regency period in London, England. These two men meet each other through Benjamin Parker, one of the main characters in the first book of the Brook Street trilogy.

    Oscar Woodhaven is a sensitive young English aristocrat with plenty of money and lots of time on his hands. Despite his vast resources and social connections, Oscar is a lonely young man. When he meets Julian, Oscar is certain he’s found the friend with whom he can share his life. Julian has another agenda entirely. Julian’s spent his life on the edges of society, always the outsider, never having enough funds to support the life he feels he deserves. Julian’s reason for coming back to England is to find a rich wife.

    March handles her characters with sensitivity. She reveals Oscar to be an open and generous character without making him appear gullible. Julian’s character comes through in a positive light, despite his single-minded focus upon gaining a fortune through marriage. The white-hot passion between Oscar and Julian is real and the feelings they inspire in each other ring true. March works out the plotting of Brook Street Fortune Hunter with skill–events flow naturally in the story.

    March also includes other characters from other books in the Brook Street trilogy. Benjamin Parker and Cavin Fox from the first book make an appearance, as do Radcliffe and Anderson from the third book in the series. If the first two books are any indication, this is going to be a good series.


    Publisher: Carina Press
    Image courtesy of Carina Press