Book Review of Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane

    A Complex and Compelling Romance

    Chase in Shadow (Book Cover)Amy Lane’s Chase in Shadow is a poignant and painful romance between Chase Summers, a young engineer-in-training and Tommy Halloren, a veterinarian wannabe. Both young men carry some serious emotional baggage that they need deal with if they want a future together, if they are even going to have a future.

    At the same time Chase and Tommy are working through their emotional angst, they also need to handle their gay-for-pay side jobs. They’re having sex with multiple partners disconnected from any real emotions.

    Chase has a life built upon a scaffolding of lies and half-truths. He reaches out to Tommy in a move that could save him, if only he’s willing to face the fallacies in his life. Tommy, on the other hand, has some serious body image issues he has to overcome.

    Lane is a master at creating strong but flawed characters. She paints emotional scenes that make lasting impressions. Her books are always rich with characters who step from the page and tell their story. Lane does not fumble with the awkward moments even when they’re uncomfortable to witness.

    Lane Does it Again

    Chase in Shadow is no exception. Chase has some very painful experiences in his young life. Even so, he’s barely of legal, and already he has a successful girlfriend and is saving for a house in the suburbs. He’s planning for the future, but is it the one he really wants. Chase in Shadow asks some serious questions about family and friendships, love and hate, lies and truth. Chase and Tommy are two young men very much worth getting to know.


    Reviewed originally for Blackraven’s Reviews
    Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
    Image courtesy of Dreamspinner Press