Book Review of Brook Street: Rogues by Ava March

    Historical Romance Book Review

    Brook Street Rogues (Cover)Rogues is the third book in Ava March’s Brook Street trilogy. Rogues focuses on best friends with benefits, young aristocrats Robert Anderson and Linus Radcliffe. Both characters appear in the previous books in the series.

    Robert and Linus have a long history with each other from childhood to school at Eaton. They know each other very well and share a very strong bond. The two young men share everything from clothing to household staff to beds. While they love each other, Linus has some trust issues and is certain that Robert prefers women.

    Robert wants to make a change in their relationship. He is becoming increasingly jealous of all the young men Linus pursues. At the same time, Robert’s tired of hopping in and out of the beds of bored young widows and wives on a weekly basis. The story revolves around a proposition Robert makes to Linus, one that will change their relationship forever.

    Most of the action in Rogues is internal; the plot is simple. March is good at writing Regency romances; the mores of the times come through in the scenes. Not even well established couples such as Norton and Bennett, characters from My True Love Gave to Me, can show their preference for one another’s company in public.

    Rogues is a quiet conclusion to the Brook Street trilogy; it lacks some of the sexual tension and drama apparent in the other books in the series. Robert and Linus have an established relationship with each other, so there is a level of comfort between them that is clear in every exchange between the two men. Rogues nicely wraps up a good series and is worth 3.5 stars.


    Reviewed for NetGalley
    Publisher: Carina Press
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