Book Review of Broken Colour by Carol Lynne

    Broken Colour (Cover)Broken Colour is a sweet story by Carol Lynne about a romance between Frankie Black, a bright, but fragile young artist and Clint Langley, a slightly older insurance man. Frankie is living at the Hard Rock Hotel in Albuquerque when Clint spots him from the check-in register. The odd little guy dressed in a skirt and carrying a large painting immediately fascinates him.

    Frankie has some mental health issues stemming from his tragic past. Lynne deals with these issues sensitively, making them an integral part of Broken Colour. The give and take between Clint and Frankie as they try and find their way through the brambles of Frankie’s past and the pitfalls of starting a new relationship are sweet to watch.

    Broken Colour is a short story, but it doesn’t short-change on the character development; both Clint and Frankie are interesting men. Frankie is colorful and engaging as he pursues his art in a hotel that he’s called home for a year. While Clint comes across as a sensitive and caring young man eager to lend support to his new lover, even if it’s just for the short time they share during his insurance convention.

    Lynne is one of my favorite authors and her novels are always entertaining; Broken Colour is no exception. The novel is an interesting exploration of overcoming mental and physical trauma and building new relationships.



    Reviewed for Blackravens Reviews
    Publisher: Total E-Bound
    Image courtesy of Total E-Bound