Book Review of Less Than All by Lee Brazil

    Less Than All (Cover)Lee Brazil’s Less Than All is a complex tale despite its brevity. Less Than All is a historical gay romance about an older Lord Victor Ware and Nicholas Danville, a school friend of Ware’s younger brother, Peter. The novel takes place between 1813 and 1815 in England and much of it focuses on the relationships between the three men.

    Lord Ware is the eldest son of an aristocratic family bent on maintaining appearances in Ton, while Danville is the youngest brother in a less wealthy family and preparing for the clergy. Neither man seems willing to enter into a romantic relationship despite the fierce attraction between them.

    Less Than All opens with an embarrassing and potentially dangerous episode that will send Danville home from the Ware estate in disgrace.When Ware and Danville next meet passionate sparks fly between them. However, this being England during a period when sodomy could lead to imprisonment, if not, death and young lords need to marry and produce heirs, the two are off to a less than perfect start.

    Brazil tells the story of Ware and Danville from the perspectives of both men. He reveals Danville’s insecurity and fear of losing Ware, as well as Ware’s fear of losing a much younger Danville. The characters in Less Than All are very likable. Unfortunately, the plot is a little rough and the conclusion is somewhat abrupt. Despite these shortcomings, reading Less Than All is a nice way to spend an afternoon.

    Reviewed for Blackraven Reviews
    Publisher: Silver Publishing
    Image courtesy of Silver Publishing