Book Review of Going Under by Lisa Worrall

    Going Under (Cover)Going Under is a paranormal gay romance by Lisa Worrall that tells the story of Evan Griffin, a bruised and beaten man dealing with a new house that may be haunted. Desperate to find some peace in his home, Evan consults the office of Knight and Stone, a paranormal investigations agency.

    As soon as Evan meets Ross Stone, a partner in the agency, there’s an immediate physical attraction. Ross is a hot young man, but he has his own problems. Ross is trying to get over a bad relationship in his past. Worrall’s story of Evan and Ross, despite the presence of ghosts, is a sweet and touching tale. Both Evan and Ross have wounds from their past that they’re trying to cope with while learning to live normal lives again.

    Worrall handles the trauma in both their pasts evoking empathy with both Evan and Ross. Everyone has life traumas, but coping with them and overcoming is essential to surviving. Both young men find passion in each other while dealing with some harrowing issues. This being a ghost story there are scares a plenty, but not enough to overshadow the romance. Going Under has some plot turns that make for a very interesting ghost story.

    Based upon the ending, Going Under appears to be the opening book in a new series from Worrall. I’m not generally attracted to ghost stories, but Worrall is a good story-teller. She handles the subject with a light touch, so I’m looking forward to the next chapter. This story’s worth 3.5 stars.

    Reviewed for Blackraven Reviews
    Publisher: Silver Publishing
    Image courtesy of Silver Publishing