Book Review of Pete’s Persuasion by Lavinia Lewis

    Pete's Persuasion (Cover)Pete’s Persuasion is the seventh book in Lavinia Lewis’ Shifter’s Haven werewolf series. The book tells the story of Pete, a werewolf shifter and Tony, the human friend of Kelan’s human mate, Jake. The two young men meet in the midst of a crisis in the town of Wolf Creek when an arsonist bent on revenge tries to destroy Kelan’s pack.

    Lewis jumps into the action in Pete’s Persuasion almost from the first page with an explosion at the dance hall that Pete manages. You can read Pete’s Persuasion as a standalone novel, but to know all of the characters involved it helps to read other books in the series, although you don’t necessarily need to read them in sequence. I found Pete’s Persuasion an entertaining paranormal tale about life in a werewolf pack undergoing internal challenges and opposition from external forces.

    Pete and Tony have good chemistry together; the scenes between them are entertaining. Lewis does not resolve the overarching mystery surrounding the Wolf Creek pack, so it’s clear there’s going to be a sequel to this novel. Instead, the primary focus of Pete’s Persuasion is building the romance between Tony and Pete, as well as Tony’s reaction to discovering a world peopled with werewolves and other shifters.

    The tale had enough twists and turns in the plot to keep me engaged in Pete and Tony’s story. The characters are definitely likable and I can’t wait to find out how Lewis resolves the issue of the arsonist.


    Reviewed for Blackraven Reviews
    Publisher: Total E-Bound Publishing
    Image courtesy of Total E-Bound Publishing