Book Review of Priceless by M A Church

    Priceless (Cover)How can a simple young man and a cynical billionaire find anything to build a lasting relationship on? M.A. Church addresses that question in Priceless, a modern gay romance between Randy Jones and Garrett Shiffler.

    Randy meets billionaire, Garrett during a vacation trip to Las Vegas. The attraction between the two is immediate and sizzling hot. Garrett and Randy spend a hot weekend under the sheets in an interlude that’s only supposed to be sex, hot sex and nothing else.

    Despite the brevity of their days together, Church spends time revealing each man’s character to the other. I liked that Randy and Garrett spent time talking to each other. I also liked that Garrett’s wealth didn’t intimidate Randy, but he held his own in the face of some wild enticements.

    Church paints some interesting scenes between Randy and Garrett, as well as between them and their family members and friends. The angst that these characters feel when they blunder is genuine, as is the joy in happier moments. Once Garrett determines that his heart is set on Randy, Church uses some creative moves to resolve the plot. Some elements are confusing, such as the introduction of Cupid. The addition of Cupid and his arrows does not add a great deal to the story. It might be an interesting aside, but Priceless is a fine story without it. Is Garrett going to earn the trust and love of Randy? That’s the real tale of Priceless— a romance worth reading to find out.


    Reviewed for Rainbow Book Reviews
    Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
    Image courtesy of Dreamspinner Press