Book Review of Incomparable by Julia Talbot

    Incomparable (Book Cover)Reviewed for Reviews by Jessewave
    Series: Bloodrose
    Publisher: Torquere Books
    Image courtesy of Torquere Books
    Genre: GLBT, Erotic Contemporary, M/M
    Length:32 pages


    Julia Talbot’s Incomparable is a short story in her paranormal Bloodrose series. It recounts the opening months of a budding relationship between Nikolas, a performer at the gay club and Ashe, the new manager.

    While Incomparable takes place in world populated with paranormal individuals, the book has little to do with the paranormal. The characters are were-animals and vampires, but this does not play a significant role in the action. The story focuses primarily on Nikolas and Ashe and the possible BDSM aspects of their relationship.

    Nikolas is a stellar performer and he expects to have to deal with men hitting on him when they see his BDSM performances during club entertainments. Ashe’s apparent lack of interest in him is intriguing. Nikolas wants to get to know the new manager better. How these two sexy guys handle the mechanics of their new relationship is entertaining. Nikolas considers himself a bottom, but not a sub, while Ashe just wants to have some fun in bed and what’s a little slap and tickle between friends.

    Talbot writes a good story and her characters held my interest in Incomparable, despite the bumpy road Nikolas and Ashe take to cement their relationship. Characters such as Cady and Kasey from previous books in the series make minor appearances, as well. Incomparable is a standalone story with much of Ashe and Nikolas’ relationship taking place outside of the wall of the Bloodrose. The two men have some serious communication issues that threaten to derail their new romance more than once.

    I had fun reading about these two trying to overcome their personal foibles and build a loving relationship together. Talbot is a fine writer and she handles her characters with skill and aplomb. The only real problem I had with Incomparable was the length; it’s much too short. I’d like to see what develops in the future for Nikolas and Ashe. I also wanted to see how the paranormal affects them. For example, how do they fit into their respective shifter families? And what about their families? Still, Talbot may take those questions up in future stories and I definitely enjoyed Incomparable.