Book Review of Krewe Daddy by Margie Church

    Krewe DaddyReviewed for Jessewave Reviews
    Series: Hard as Teak: Book 2
    Publisher: Noble Romance
    Image courtesy of Noble Romance
    Genre: GLBT, Erotic Contemporary, M/M, BDSM
    Length: 222 pages

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    Krewe Daddy is a gay romance novel by Margie Church with some minor BDSM overtones. The novel tells the story of Luis Herrera and Drew Rothem. Luis is a skilled graphic designer who spends his time playing Daddy/Dom to some of his clients, while working on spectacular Mardi Gras floats. Drew is a wildlife enforcement agent in New Orleans and a hot outdoor model on the side. Neither man has seen each other since their bitter break-up six years ago. Sparks fly immediately when they bump into each other at a New Orleans gay bar. Krewe Daddy chronicles the development of their relationship after they meet again. Are they going to work out their issues, or are they going to end their relationship forever? It’s an energetic tale involving criminals, forestry agents, drag queens and hunky male models.

    Luis and Drew can’t seem to forget each other, but they also find it hard accepting the changes they find in each other after six years apart. When they first met, their relationship was one of Dom and sub. Luis had control and set the parameters of their relationship. Now, they’re trying to see themselves as equals. Creating a new relationship amidst the ashes of their old one is hard work; jealousy rears its head on occasion, as does anger. Church doesn’t gloss over the effort; their pain and fear comes through clearly. So does their passion. These are some strong men with distinct features. Luis is dominant and occasionally overbearing, but Drew is no longer the insecure sub he once was, being a law enforcement agent has bolstered his self-confidence.

    It was a delight following Luis and Drew as they dealt with some of the drama of their lives. Their sexual encounters are steamy and their attempts to cope with the changes to Drew’s life after he receives an injury during an altercation with a criminal family are poignant and sometimes painful. Church writes an entertaining and thoughtful story about coping with life and love when the circumstances are far from perfect. Her environments are real and her characters are not one-dimensional.

    Krewe Daddy is a nice story about trying to rebuild a troubled relationship. The novel is part of the Hard as Teak series with many of the characters from the previous book making an appearance. Kevin and Teak, the main couple in Hard as Teak are in the middle of planning their wedding when Drew and Luis reconnect. They take Drew away from the temptation of Luis for a photo shoot in Minnesota. There are some tense interactions between Drew and Kyle, his sometimes lover, as well as some humorous scenes between Drew and Jordan, his partner in the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment of this series. These characters are likable and engaging, discovering what lies in their futures should be fun!