Book Review of If I Was Your Man by Remmy Duchene

    if-i-was-your-man-coverReviewed for Blackravens Reviews
    Publisher: Breathless Press
    Image courtesy of Breathless Press
    Genre: GLBT, Contemporary, M/M
    Length: 81 pages



    When Christophe’s best friend tells him he needs to get out more, he reluctantly agrees. He never imagined that one bold step would change everything.

    Christophe LaFavre is a Real Estate mogul. When it comes to business no one does it better. But when it comes to love, he just can’t seem to get it right. When his best friend talks him into going to a club to meet someone, he does it. What he didn’t expect was to find someone who made his body burn from the very first time their eyes meet through their masquerade masks. To make matters worse—this stranger is hell bent on teaching Christophe a few lessons, lessons that burn his body and tempt his heart.


    If I Was Your Man by Remmy Duchene is a short M/M romance about Christophe LeFavre’s efforts to find romance. Badgered by his best friend Jaswant Singh, Christophe takes the plunge and goes out for a night at Motions, an up-and-coming gay club. During a masquerade party Christophe meets Raja, a sexy young man hiding behind a mask and plenty of secrets.

    The two of them have an immediate attraction to each other and Christophe finds Raja unusually familiar. Raja seems to know just what buttons to press to get Christophe’s libido engaged. If I Was Your Man has some sizzle while Raja and Christophe are exploring their attraction, but then the story takes an unexpected turn and gets a little heavy. Conflicts work themselves out eventually, but some of the spark is lost. Once the focus of the story moves away from Christophe and his new love interest the excitement and passion of If I was Your Man dims considerably.

    Duchene’s writing is good, but the plot line of the short story is somewhat disappointing. There are some hot sex scenes, but they are surrounded by some serious relationship confusion.