Book Review of One Bratty Omega by Stephani Hecht

    One Bratty Omega (Book Cover)Reviewed for Blackravens Reviews
    Publisher: eXtasy Books

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    Genre: GLBT, Shifter, Contemporary, M/M
    Length: 80 pages



    Donny left his childhood pack behind him when his father couldn’t accept the fact that his son was just an Omega. Destined to be the lowest on the pecking order of the pack, Donny acts out in ways that are sometimes not too healthy for his well-being.

    Proctor is coming to Black Creek to visit an old friend. The last thing he expects is to find himself hanging out with some young, blond brat. What’s more, Proctor doesn’t expect himself to be attracted to the little troublemaker.

    But things aren’t what they seem to be in Black Creek, and as Proctor digs deeper, he discovers secrets that are explosive. Will he be able to accept the truth? And more importantly, will he be able to accept Donny?

    Book Review

    One Bratty Omega by Stephani Hecht is part of the Building the Pack series about a small pack of werewolves trying to create a strong community in Black Creek. One Bratty Omega is the tale of Donny, a young Omega and Proctor, a more mature cop on vacation visiting his friends Josh and Connor. The two men meet when Donny’s Alpha, Tiber orders him to keep tabs on Proctor. Donny has some self-esteem issues due to his misunderstanding his status as an Omega and Proctor, being human is totally unaware of the shifter community surrounding him in Black Creek.

    From the outset, the sexual tension between Proctor and Donny sizzles. Despite their brief history, the two find it hard to stay away from each other. Donny’s attraction to Proctor makes it hard for him to maintain his distance while ensuring that the pack is safe from him. Kisses turn into corner clenches with hands grasping for various body parts. The chemistry between Proctor and Donny is strong and spicy. The sex between them is both fun and sweet.

    One Bratty Omega focuses on Donny and his antics as he works out his relationship with his new pack and tries his best to observe the activities of Proctor without his attraction overwhelming him. Hecht creates some vibrant characters in Donny and Proctor. Donny’s concern over his Omega status and Proctor’s understanding that something hidden is going on around him makes for a very believable story.

    The backdrop to the budding romance between Donny and Proctor is the hunt for a rogue werewolf bent on creating havoc in the local pack. One Bratty Omega is part of a series, so much of the trouble with the rogue werewolf remains hidden in this episode. While the rogue werewolf is key to the story, the central element is the relationship between Donny and Proctor. The Building the Pack series is new to me, but I am definitely going to read the other stories in this series.