Book Review of Great Restorations by Libby Drew

    Great Restorations (Cover)Great Restorations is a contemporary gay romance between Marc Wynn and Sawyer Calhoun. Marc lives in the small town of Edgewood and owns a company that restores historical houses, while Sawyer is a writer who’s just inherited a very old house from his mysterious grandfather, Paul Steinbrick. The romantic heat between Marc and Sawyer is immediate and very hot, there’s only one problem—Marc is a virgin, firmly tucked in the closet, while Sawyer is out and proud. At first Sawyer is disdainful of Marc’s reticence and fear of exposure, but the two of them work closely together to restore the Steinbrick house and, consequently are in constant contact. The two of them are irresistibly attracted to each other. Marc is reluctant, but Sawyer is ready to dive into a relationship.

    Libby Drew slowly builds up the passionate tension between Marc and Sawyer. There are some heated clenches in hidden corners. However, half the story is over before the two lovers exchange their first real kiss. Great Restorations is an old-fashioned love story with sparking glances and much innuendo. The story has a great cast of characters. There’s the flamboyant bisexual Bruce Banner, the quiet, receptive Tim, who at one time thought he was in love with Marc. Rachel owns a popular diner in Edgewood and unwittingly serves as Marc’s cover girlfriend. Then, there is Marc’s Aunt May, the woman who raised him when his parents abandoned him to save the world. Sawyer’s brother, Finn, the spit and polish lawyer, with every line of his suit in place makes an appearance when a legal matter arises that could jeopardize Marc’s home and business.

    While there are few sex scenes, and not a great deal in the way of erotica, Great Restorations is a nice read and worthy of 4 stars. Marc and Sawyer are two characters I found very engaging and their story is one you will find entertaining.


    Review originally appeared on Rainbow Reviews
    Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
    Image courtesy Dreamspinner Press